The Chenrezig Fund


Tibetan Children's Home, Dehra Dun, India

The Tibetan Children's Home (TCH), formerly the Tibetan Education Foundation Society, was founded in 1991 as a residential center to serve the poor and needy Tibetan children living in exile on the India subcontinent. TCH is located in Dhondupling Tibetan Settlement, Clement Town, Dehra Dun, India. It provides Tibetan refugee children with a stable, nurturing environment during their primary and secondary schooling as well as grounding in their own cultural heritage.

Many of the children at TCH come from impoverished families that make a meager living as street vendors and must travel from place to place throughout the year to do business. As a result of this frequent travel, the children’s education is repeatedly interrupted. By providing these children with a stable residence and well-educated Tibetan staff, TCH gives them a viable means to obtain a proper education within a Tibetan cultural milieu so that they may become self-supporting, contributing members of the Tibetan community-in-exile.

Sponsorships for TCH Children. Most children living at TCH need a sponsor since their families are not able to afford even the modest annual fees of 120,250 Indian rupees ($450 US). The Chenrezig Fund is seeking individuals, families, and groups interested in providing a child with a full ($450 US ) or partial ($225 or $115 US) sponsorship. Sponsors can choose a specific child to support or can leave the choice up to the Director. Biographical information on the children at TCH is available upon request.

All sponsors will receive annual reports on the progress of the children they are sponsoring and at least two letters per year from the sponsored child. Sponsors can renew their sponsorship commitments annually. Donations to the TCH Development Fund are also urgently needed to help improve the living facilities for the children.

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